The mission of Stonavská Barborka is to support small vocal and vocal-instrumental ensembles in the field of classical music and folk song.

Its foundation is to present the beauty of an artistic expression focused on chamber and ensemble vocal and vocal-instrumental music by means of international cultural-social events.

The vision of Stonavská Barborka is to create a worldwide network of chamber and ensemble singers and musicians cooperating or sympathizing with them.

The way to fulfil this vision is the organization of regular contest and non-contest meetings of the chamber and ensemble singing performers.

These meetings offer the participants a unique opportunity to introduce themselves on an international level, show their performances, compare them with other participants, and get new contacts, valuable information and experience, and due to the international professional jury also a qualified feedback.

At the same time, the emphasis is put on an active cooperation with artists, teachers and schools, art institutions and all those who are or can be beneficial for this kind of artistic expression.




Informace o soutěži:
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